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112The trailer is made specifically for transporting catamaran Flow 700, with suitable measurements. It has a winch system for descending the boat in water and towing it from water.

When transporting the boat, make sure it is fastened securely on the trailer. The fixing cleats may not cause friction, become loose or open on their own. The engine has to be kept fixed in a working position during transportation. All unfixed items must be removed.

Technical specification: Standard equipment: Additional equipment:
Length: 8100 mm
Width: 2400 mm
Unladen weight: 1000 kg
Load bearing capacity: 1000 kg
Material: heat galvanized frame
2 torsion axles
Tyres 13”
20 side support rollers
winch stand
Box measuring
5390 mm x 1250 mm x 100 mm,
located on the trailer between
the two floats.